Long after the conference has concluded, it's the connections that continue

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Grow Your Business While Still Working a 9 to 5

How to Leverage the Power of Conference Networking to Save Time, Money, Energy and Make Relevant Contacts





Working a 9 to 5 while building a business can be a smart way to get things started while you build relationships, increase revenue and decrease risk.

  • It’s difficult to anticipate the amount of time it takes to *really* get your business off the ground. Keeping a 9 to 5 helps you manage cash flow.
  • Building products or services are just a small step to bringing in revenue.  Just because you built it doesn’t mean someone will buy it. Again, keep your day job while building your business.
  • Making relevant connections takes time and is harder than you think. Working a 9 to 5 buys you time and space to get good at this.

Who is this course for?

  • Corporate and start-up employees who are working and building a business at the same time(some call it a side-hustle)
  • Entrepreneurs who started a business but find themselves spending most of their time working “in” their business and not “on” their business

I’m proposing a different way of maximizing your time, money and energy to make the right contacts for your business while still working a 9 to 5; Conference Networking.

Why are conferences the best way to grow your network when you have limited time?

Conferences are…

  • where the movers and shakers go to sharpen their expertise, connect with their colleagues and find new service providers.
  • automatically targeted for you – interested and engaged parties who are willing to spend money on their craft.
  • an easy place to connect with many people who have the same interest–all at the same time.


Conferences can also be overwhelming because…

  • it’s easy to spend all of your energy on Day 1 so that by Day 2 you are totally wiped out
  • there are many learning opportunities and sessions to choose from
  • if you don’t spend your time wisely, they can be costly, with no guarantee of a return on your investment

So I decided to do something about it…

“Grow your business while working your 9 to 5”  is a 4 week interactive experience course that gives you the tools, support and knowledge you need to become a high level networker once and for all.

Mike’s program provides a must-know skill for networking and relationship-building through social media. While the program teaches you to make valuable connections at conferences, the application extends to everyday use of social media for networking. For me, as an introvert, it also provides a strategy to turn a dreaded moment — walking into a social event and not knowing a soul — into something I actually look forward to! It also provided a means to make the most out of conferences. In the past, I’d go to conferences with the goal of meeting people, but never found it possible in the midst of speakers, events and busy schedules. Now, I don’t have to leave networking results to serendipity: Mike’s conference networking program provides a methodology I can use effectively. I’d highly recommend understanding Mike’s concepts for networking, whether you’re looking for a job, buying or selling services or just want to meet interesting people. By the way, I met Mike first on Twitter and then a conference — a great example of #Hashtags to Handshakes and how it really works!
Sharlene Sones
Founder & Brand Strategist

Each week will cover 1 of the 4 pillars to becoming a high level networker:

  • Week 1 – Focus: set up your mental and physical plan before the conference to ensure that you align your networking goals with your business goals, and minimize your chances of  overwhelm.
  • Week 2 – Engage: learn how to connect with the folks you want to connect with…before the event.  This is the difference between a hug and a blank stare when you meet in person.
  • Week 3 – Attend: focus on being human; why knowing exactly where the bathroom is, where the locals hang out and the exact place to put your name badge can make you the god or goddess of the conference.
  • Week 4: Follow-up:  get over the “It’s too late to follow-up” syndrome and get the exact PDF scripts you need to turn what was once nerve-racking and anxiety-inducing into something easy and automatic.
  • Every Week: You’ll receive vetted technology tools that save you time and help you organize your networking journey.  One of these tools is a simple way to “set and forget” the follow-up tasks that are always slipping your mind.

What’s inside the course:

  • 4 Webinars: every week we’ll connect in an interactive webinar with the chance to ask questions and get live coaching
  • Private Facebook Group: to provide the feedback, support and resources you need, in a safe environment, that will encourage your success
  • Worksheets: that you can use to plan out your conference networking strategy
  • Suggested Reading / Links
  • “How to” Videos: that will help keep you on track between classes
  • Weekly Check-in: In between classes, you’ll receive a special Affirmation designed to give you the inspiration you need to keep on truckin’
  • Recordings: Our sessions will be recorded and available for your viewing pleasure shortly after each session

I use social media. I go to lots of conferences. I meet lots of people. But making that all work seamlessly is not always easy. Working through Mike “Ambassador” Bruny’s program has given me new tools to add to my connector toolkit. “We chatted on Twitter, didn’t we?” was the response I got when I met someone face-to-face at an event just this past weekend. Real strategy, real tools… for the real-world.”
Natalie Currie,
Certified Life Coach |Business Coach |Facilitator
The Way Finding Coach

The inaugural class will kick off Tuesday June 5 at 8 p.m. EST and meet every Tuesday from 8p-9p for 4 weeks:
June 5
June 12
June 19
June 26

The investment for this 4 week course where you learn to become a high level networker is only $97 $47 and can be paid via the secure site Paypal.

Promo Code:

I’ve spoken to so many of you and I know that networking is holding you back from growing your business while working a 9 to 5.

You are concerned about…

  • all of the costs associated with going to a conference
  • picking the “right” conference to attend
  • not getting the most out of a conference

I hear you, and despite all those concerns you also know you have to learn how to do this.  In learning how to do this, you will make the necessary connections needed to advance your business, utilize your time better and manage your energy so you are not totally spent after day 1 of your conference.

I want as many of you as possible to take advantage of this course so for this class only I’m offering a special inaugural price of $47.

If you’re trying to build your business while working a 9 to 5, effective conference networking is a crucial way to grow your business, save time, save money and make relevant connections.

Promo Code:

The first 10 people to sign up will receive a bonus 1 hour strategic conference networking coaching session to use within the next 6 months as they prepare for their next conference. I’ll jump on the phone, Skype or text with you to help you get even more out of your conference experience.  The first to sign up will be notified by email. (Session must be used by December 5, 2012)

Money Back Guarantee:
I stand behind my work. There is an unconditional money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after completing the course work. Just send me an email and I’ll refund your money within 72 hours.

The Learning Guarantee:
If any time after 30 days you feel as if you haven’t learned at least 3 things that have taken your networking to the next level or you are still stuck, I will personally get on the phone with you for  one (1) 30 minute session and help you through any area where you are stuck.

Why you want me to run this course?

I was just like you trying to grow my side hustle while working as an Operations Manager at Intel (“Yes,” that Intel…ding, ding, ding, ding).  I wanted more opportunities to use my favorite skills and have more impact on the world, so I became a professional speaker, certified life coach and an author while working my 9 to 5.  I wrote a book and thought because I built it, they would come. Boy was I wrong.  I thought my limited reach and world would be able to carry me to the promised land of super stardom.  I discovered there was a huge networking piece involved.  The more people you are connected to, the more assistance you can receive and the more impact you can have.

I started looking at the events and conferences I attended as a place to experiment. I slowly started to notice something; there was a pattern to how this networking thing works.   I would test different introductions, different ways of joining groups that were already in conversation and different ways to end conversations.  I noticed that the more I took the burden off of myself to “perform,” the easier it became to connect with people.  The more vulnerability (not being afraid or ashamed to share something I was struggling with) I displayed, the more people wanted to help me.  The more I genuinely became interested in being of service to others, the more opportunities came my way.

I’ve been to conferences where I connected with the speakers by asking them how I can be of service to them. In one case it led to a featured spot on their Twitter Chat show and them volunteering to create a video for me (you get to see that video in week 4 of the program).  The Twitter Chat show has led to potential business partners contacting me to work together.

I’ll be upfront, I consider myself an extrovert, but I’ve been to conferences like the World Domination Summit (WDS) where after day 1 I just wanted to be alone and have dinner without talking to anyone.  I did a poor job of managing my energy, but you don’t have to do the same.  You can take a timeout to replenish your energy, without feeling like you are missing out on the action.  I’ve created a series of affirmations / mantras that have worked extremely well to calm the mind and bring back a sense of empowerment.

I also discovered what I call “#Hashtags to Handshakes.”  It’s the new art of conference networking, where you build online contacts before you head to a conference, so when you arrive, you have people who can’t wait to meet you in person.  No more feeling like you don’t know anyone.  Building those kinds of relationships have led to unique partnership opportunities that I really didn’t expect.

Follow-up is one of the most important aspects of networking and I’ve experimented with what I call the “Just checking in” method, as well as the “Happy Holiday” method.  They have both led to responses like the following: “Oh, I’m so glad you reached out, I’m working on a project and didn’t even think about asking you to be a part of it, until you called.”  I decided to create a few scripts to help others do the same.  It’s an easy way to stay top-of-mind and generate business.

I won’t pretend it’s been all sunshine and rainbows; I’ve been in situations where I’ve felt totally out of place, I’ve had people not return my phone calls although it felt like we made an in-person connection, and I’ve had people only want to know, “Hey buddy, what can you do for me?”

The #1 thing I’ve learned from those situations?  You can’t take responsibility for other people’s actions or lack of action.   All you can do is continue to run the point (take action) from where you are, with what you have.  It’s about perspective and I want my study, experiences and experiments to help you grow your side hustle through conference networking.  Cool thing is, I’ve helped others and I know I can help you too.
You ready?

Still have questions? Let’s see if I’ve already answered them in the Frequently Asked Questions below. If not, feel free to con
tact me directly with the following subject line: Conference Networking Course.

Here is my email address: Mike@AmbassadorBruny.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I won’t be attending a conference in the near term?
No problem.  Much of the information that will be shared can be tweaked to serve your local event networking.

What if I can’t make all 4 of the dates?
We can work through it.  All of the sessions will be recorded so you can view them when it is convenient for you.  I do, however, strongly suggest that you attend the majority of the classes live so you can participate with your group. This is where some of the best learning happens!

What happens after I pay for the class?
Once you pay for your course you will receive an email from me with access to our super secret membership page within 24 hours.